Would you stop eating Nutella?

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Nutella, the sinfully indulgent treat for children and adults alike, is under attack.

French ecology minister Ségolène Royal blasted the hazelnut spread on local television Monday, warning that Nutella's chief ingredient palm oil was harming the environment.

Palm oil, which is extracted from the tree's pulp, contributes to widespread deforestation, Royal said. But the vegetable product is essential to Nutella's creamy taste, according to Italian manufacturer Ferrero, thanks to the oil's odorless and tasteless properties.

French officials have previously tried to impose a 300 percent tax on palm oil, citing its high level of fat content and environmental impact.

Royal later apologized for her statements, offering a "thousand apologies" in a Twitter post and acknowledging Ferrero's certified sustainable sources of palm oil.

So, will warnings like this stop you from eating Nutella?