Apigee Launches New Service for Monitoring the Health of APIs

"API Health" Helps DevOps Teams Keep a Pulse on the Vitals of APIs Powering Their Mobile and Web Applications

First of Several Upcoming New API Monitoring Services From Apigee

SAN JOSE, Calif., June 18, 2015 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- Apigee® (Nasdaq:APIC), developer of an intelligent API platform for digital business, today announced API Health, new software-as-a-service (SaaS) that makes it easier for organizations to monitor the status of the APIs (application programming interfaces) that are powering their mobile and Web applications. API Health is a simple and powerful service that delivers a standard set of key information on any API – including third party APIs – so that development and operations teams can know if the APIs they depend on are working.

API Health is available for no cost as part of the Apigee Edge API management software and as a free, stand-alone service; it is the first of several upcoming new API monitoring services from Apigee.

"We have found that high availability of APIs is critical for delivering connected digital experiences through mobile and Web apps," said Anant Jhingran, chief technology officer at Apigee. "While there are some expensive and complex monitoring tools on the market, many of our customers have expressed interest in a simple service that can help track their APIs and notify them of key variances. We are committed to helping every business be a digital business through APIs, and API Health makes API monitoring easier and less painful for any organization."

Behind every mobile app, smart device and connected experience sits at least one API. An API is a set of programming instructions that enable software applications to exchange data and "talk" to other applications. To deliver connected digital experiences to their customers, partners and employees, most organizations will rely on a variety of APIs – either built internally or by other organizations. Apigee's intelligent API platform helps enable organizations to securely deliver and manage APIs, with agility at scale, as part of a digital business.

Apigee's new API Health service is designed to help organizations detect and prevent the potential consequences of bad API performance such as poor application experience, user frustration, and lost revenue.

Key capabilities of API Health include:

  • Simplicity: API Health is a cloud-based service that collects key statistics on APIs by making calls into those APIs from globally distributed probes that measure not just their response times, but also their response accuracy.
  • Power: For advanced use cases, API Health allows users to create probes by linking multiple API calls where subsequent calls depend on the output of previous ones. This capability is important for modeling complex user experiences that depend on apps making a sequence of API calls to complete a single user interaction.
  • Global Reach: Data collected from these globally distributed probes allows DevOps teams to compare differences in success rates and response times of a given API as seen from the various locations around the world.
  • Integrated: Apigee Edge customers will be able to use the built-in API analytics in Apigee Edge to analyze the traffic generated by API Health to get a more complete end-to-end view of their APIs.
  • Flexibility: Built with an API-first approach, organizations can use the management APIs in API Health to integrate key information about the status of their APIs into their own dashboards.


API Health is available today as a beta version. To request an invitation to participate in the beta program, go to https://pages.apigee.com/api-health. Upon activation, users will be able to set up probes to start running regular check-ups on their APIs from multiple locations as frequently as once every 30 seconds. API Health will be generally available later this year.

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