Arab America to Launch Educational Platform Offering Online Courses

WASHINGTON, June 18, 2015 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- As a leading provider of digital media to Arab Americans, Arab America announces the launch of its new online school, Arab America Academy. Arab America has developed the educational platform to offer a multitude of online courses on the Arab-American community's history, language, religion, culture, and traditions.

The negative headlines in the Middle East coupled with the stereotypical and denigrating images of Arabs in the media have made it increasingly imperative that we foster and uphold a positive relationship with Arab-Americans and actively make an effort to understand the community and their identity. As the first educational platform designed and developed by Arab-Americans, Arab America Academy represents an attempt to deconstruct existing misunderstandings and misrepresentations.

"As part of our mission to provide education, we are confident that Arab America Academy will further this goal to provide accurate information to the public about Arab-Americans and the Arab World," said Warren David, President of Arab America. He went on to say, "Arab America Academy will ensure that our community's narrative is preserved and told first-hand."

The launch of Arab America Academy will be accompanied by the debut of its first course available for purchase, entitled "Understanding the Arab American Community". This course as well as the broader Academy are ideal for government agencies, corporations, educators, healthcare specialists, media professionals, state and local municipalities, and law enforcement, or other organizations and institutions that engage with the Arab American community.

Arab America Academy is also in the process of preparing an introductory Arabic language course in addition to a course on the elements of Arab culture. Upon completion of a course, a certificate of compliance will be issued to the student from Arab America Academy.

With close to four million Arab Americans in the U.S., Arab America's primary mission is to unify the diverse and growing Arab American community and to act as a "bridge" between the Arab American and non-Arab American mainstream communities through the dissemination of events and information via the web, email marketing, social media, and online radio and television.

Registration now open for the course:

"Understanding the Arab American Community"

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Source: Arab America