AUM Enhances its Advanced Analytics Platform

LOMBARD, Ill., June 18, 2015 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- American Utility Management (AUM), a recognized leader in Utility Management and Energy Services for the multifamily industry, today announced the launch of their newly enhanced Advanced Analytics 2.0 platform. AUM's Advanced Analytics platform is the most comprehensive set of business intelligence tools available for multifamily. By capturing over 1 billion data points from property invoices, AUM provides property owners and managers with greater visibility into their utility and energy performance -- helping them make smart, real-time business decisions.

AUM's Advanced Analytics 2.0 platform, which includes the Performance and Energy Dashboards and Custom Reporting Engine, provides clients with easy access to portfolio level KPIs as well as detailed, property level data to quickly identify trends, outliers and opportunities for improvement. Their expanded grouping capabilities give clients more choice and control. Clients can view their performance by property, by groups of properties such as a region or ownership group, or for their entire portfolio. Clients can also view data by usage date, calendar date and invoice posted date.

"With our new enhancements, our Advanced Analytics platform is faster than ever and easier to use," said AUM President, Joe Stackhouse. "The ability for property owners to view and measure their utility performance real-time, at a glance, is essential for gaining a competitive advantage. We will continue to provide tools and technology to our clients to help them manage their utilities more effectively."

About American Utility Management

AUM is the only utility management and energy services company with a complete, customized solution for multifamily including Resident Services, Invoice Processing, Energy Management and Advanced Analytics. AUM helps clients lower their utility costs by maximizing cost recovery, reducing energy usage and expense, and providing tools to make smart business decisions.

To learn about AUM's Advanced Analytics platform and how AUM can help lower your utility costs, go to or call 800-418-5393.

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Source: American Utility Management