Nymity Unveils Law Tables, a New Software Solution to Support Cross-Jurisdictional Privacy Compliance

TORONTO, June 18, 2015 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- Nymity, the leading global research company specializing in privacy accountability, risk, and compliance software solutions for the privacy office, announced today the immediate availability of Nymity LawTables™. This cutting-edge legal compliance requirements solution for privacy officers and lawyers combines the powerful functionality of the underlying compliance Rules library with sophisticated compliance Rules tables, accountability-compliance mapping, and interactive compliance heat maps of 550+ privacy laws and regulations.

The Nymity LawTables™ solution makes it easy to analyze and visualize compliance requirements across multiple jurisdictions, identify and compare common legal requirements, understand which Rules of law require evidence, and reduce privacy risk.

With the Nymity LawTables™ solution, privacy officers can: create rationalized Rules sets; map accountability to compliance; build tables to demonstrate compliance; enable the business units to manage and maintain compliance; map privacy policy to laws; and map BCR to laws.

Already at the forefront of the privacy compliance solutions domain, Nymity continuously improves its solutions to meet the unique needs of privacy offices and law firms around the world. The Nymity LawTables™ innovative features include:

  • Customized Rules tables
  • Customizable, interactive compliance heat maps
  • Online investigation of Rules of law
  • Instant drill-down reports to Rules of law

"For years privacy officers have been asking for a simple way to compare legal requirements. After extensive research by our team of privacy and data protection experts, we have met this objective," said Terry McQuay, President and Founder of Nymity Inc.

A web based platform, the Nymity LawTables™ solution is built upon a comprehensive, up-to-date, and accurate compliance Rules library built upon years of research and maintained by Nymity's privacy and data protection experts who add and update new and existing laws as they are amended. Beyond Rules of law on-demand, the Nymity LawTables solution generates powerful Rules tables, maps, and lists based on the legal requirements in over 550+ privacy laws and regulations.

Ideal for privacy officers who need multijurisdictional reports on Rules of law and organizations that transfer personal data across multi-jurisdictions, the Nymity LawTables™ solution also supports privacy lawyers and law firms that conduct research on Rules of law in order to advise clients.

Free trials of Nymity LawTables™ are available at nymity.com/lawtables.

For more information on the Nymity LawTables™ software solution, please visit our privacy office solutions website at www.nymity.com/products.

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Nymity is the leading global research company specializing in accountability, risk, and compliance software solutions for the privacy office. Nymity's suite of software solutions helps organizations attain, maintain, and demonstrate data privacy compliance. Organizations all over the world rely on Nymity's software solutions to proactively and efficiently manage their privacy programs – empowering them to comply with confidence. Learn more at www.nymity.com.

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