I get paid to destroy technology

I get paid to destroy technology

Carlos Camps destroys technology for a living, or at least he tries. As the senior resource manager at Motorola Solutions, he develops and tests communications for first responders.

"They get dropped, they get frozen, they get baked, we shock them, we cover them in dust, we submerge them in water. All of these different tests that we put them through try to really mimic the kind of experience that they're gonna go through in the hands of first responders," Camps said in an interview with CNBC's "Power Lunch."

Getting a first row seat to the action is often a precursor to the work that happens inside the lab.

"A lot of times you might be able to find us on a ride along with a police officer, you might find us on fire training learning how to put out a fire, or you might even find us running an obstacle course with a SWAT team," Camps said.

"It's all about understanding how our products are used and then coming back to the lab so that we can develop those," he added.

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While the preparation takes Camps and his team routinely out of the office, some of the testing does as well, like running a fire truck over a radio.

Camps and his team driving over a radio with a fire truck.
Source: Motorola

Sometimes we'll even deploy the skids on the fire truck and actually prop the entire truck up on the radio as a stand and we keep testing to know that they work just as good before, as they do after," he said.

Camps and his team have even dropped a radio out of a helicopter at 1,500 feet. However, these extreme tests are only part of what makes the job rewarding for Camps.

"There's just an incredible connection that we feel and an understanding of the mission that first responders have, and being a big part of that gives us a real sense of satisfaction," he added.