Lightning Round: This group is undervalued

It's that time again! The Lightning Round bell has rung, and Jim Cramer gives his take on a few favorite audience stocks:

Caterpillar: "I have to tell you, the Baltic Freight Index was up again and I like it. It's literally up about 50 percent in the last few weeks. That to me says even though Caterpillar is probably not going to have a good quarter, I don't mind owning it."

Facebook: "I think Facebook can earn $3.50 in 2017 and, doing the math in my head, that takes it to $100. A big charitable trust name."

Alcoa: "Remember the deal has to close with RTI to get the company to be more titanium, more aircraft. And that is when the stock will advance, and that's what we are waiting for."

Juno Therapeutics: "High risk, speculative biotech but not bad as long as you understand that this is one of those speculative ones."

Cypress Semiconductor: "The stock has been disappointing, it's doing one of these acquisitions and they're great. I think it hasn't been able to keep up Qorvo or NXPI and it hasn't been able to keep up with Skyworks Solutions...It's frustrating, Cypress, but I do want you to stick with it. They can't all be Avago."

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Kite Pharma: "I should have said for Juno, and I'll say it for Kite, I like Bluebird. I think Bluebird's got the best backing and the best pipeline."

Citigroup: "I think Corbat's [the CEO of Citigroup] got game. I think Citi is a buy."

Rex Energy Corp: "We want to be in oils. The oils are undervalued, not the natural gas and natural gas liquids. Those I think are overvalued because natural gas, in particular natural gas liquids, are plummeting."

Insys Therapeutics: "It's real and it's good, and you're absolutely right that's a good one."

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