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Power Lunch

Zookeepers go viral with #JurassicZoo

Jackson Burke
A scene from Legendary Films' Jurassic World.
Source: Legendary Films

Jurassic World is busting through box office records like an Indominus Rex through a poorly designed enclosure—pulling in over $500 million globally in its first weekend.

One of the film's most striking moments comes when Velociraptor keeper/trainer/alpha soulmate Owen Grady (played by Chris Pratt) faces off the with the raptors in their cage—using only a pair of outstretched arms and a steely gaze to keep them at bay.

As it turns out, real-life zookeepers are also fans of the film, and have begun using the technique on their own animal charges, then tweeting the results to social media under the hashtag #JurassicZoo.

We've included a few of our favorites below—if you see any good ones we've missed, be sure to Tweet them to us: @Power Lunch.