Posture Depot Opens in North America

Charlotte, NC, June 19, 2015 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- Partnering with the world's leading ergonomic brands, Posture Depot is now serving the North American market with its unique ergonomic solutions to help people avoid pain and injury at the office, in the home, and while traveling.

"We're passionate about Posture," says Scott Collins, founder of Posture Depot in North America. "We know using properly designed ergonomic products, inside and outside of the home, is the key to preventing physical stress on the body."

Posture Depot's products support the trend toward healthier work environments. Employers and people who work at home are incorporating products that encourage movement and promote proper posture including height adjustable desks , ergonomically designed office chairs, key boards and mice. Posture Depot's ergonomic solutions include the popular Penguin Ergonomic Mouse.

Posture Depot's products are designed to support the long term health of a person no matter where they work as well as while they sleep. When the structures of the body are in alignment the joints, muscles, and ligaments all work as nature intended. Proper posture also helps vital organs operate at maximum efficiency. Research shows that good posture improves central nervous system function and aides breathing while decreasing the risk of serious injury and disease.

When our bodies remain in an unnatural positions for prolonged periods of time or make continuous unnatural repetitive motions, pain and injury often result. It is estimated that 5 million people suffer from Carpal Tunnel Syndrome in the United States each year. Many millions more suffer from back and neck pain. This is why it is critical to utilize products that allow for movement and support the muscles and joints in a natural and neutral posture.

"When you don't practice good posture, your overall health and productivity are compromised," says Collins. "The negative effects of poor posture can include musculoskeletal injury, decreased blood flow, higher stress levels, lower energy levels, and increased likelihood for disease."

CONTACT: Scott Collins: 704-999-0809

Source: Posture Depot