Twitter flexes its ability to actually sell you stuff

Twitter to take e-commerce a step further

Twitter said Friday it's testing new pages that gather all sorts of information about products and places. Pages will collect tweets, images and video, along with information about products, as well as offer users the option to buy a product, book a trip, or visit a website for more information. Twitter cites the example of the book "The Martian," compiling tweets from the author, publisher, readers and an easy button to click to download the book.

The company also said its allowing influencers on the platform to share collections of products and places—launching with 41 individuals and brands, from Disney Store and Hallmark, to stylist Rachel Zoe and YouTube star and makeup guru Michelle Phan. Demi Lovato might offer a selection of books and clothes, Nike might showcase—and sell—a selection of LeBron James clothing and footwear.