Amid Greece's drama, how are you positioned?

A woman waves a Greek national flag and a European Union flag during a rally outside the parliament, in Athens June 18, 2015.
Yannis Behrakis | Reuters

Wrangling between Greece's government and its international creditors will likely remain the key risk event in global financial markets this week.

Markets were on alert after euro zone finance ministers failed to agree a reform-for-aid deal with cash-strapped Greece last Thursday. Negotiations are set to continue at an extraordinary euro zone crisis summit in Brussels on Monday.

But there are signs of a compromise, with Greek Prime Minister Alexis Tsipras on Sunday making a new offer of reforms.

Meanwhile, Bank of Greece governor Yannis Stournaras warned Monday would be a "difficult day" if Greece's leftist government did not reach an agreement with its creditors, according to a Reuters report. The governor's comments came after anxious depositors pulled billions of euros out of Greek banks last week amid mounting worries over a possible default.

In early Monday trade, Asian markets mostly rise, while the euro ticked up 0.1 percent against the dollar, after sinking under $1.13 to a session low of $1.1294 in the previous session.

Wall Street finished lower on Friday, but markets in Europe managed to brush off the drama and closed mostly higher.

Amid the uncertainty, tell us how important the debt talks are to your investment strategy.