Animal Medical Clinic Announces New Ultrasound Machine

JACKSONVILLE, Texas, June 21, 2015 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- Animal Medical Clinic announced that we now have an Alkoa ultrasound machine, expanding the hospital's diagnostic capabilities. The machine is used primarily for dogs and cats, but can also be used on horses' legs. A light, compact model, Alkoa's ultrasound machine provides high-quality diagnostic images along with Real-time 3D (4D) capabilities, says Jacksonville veterinarian Dr. Ira Stephens. Dr. Stephens says his practice selected the Alkoa ultrasound machine in part because of Alkoa's long-standing commitment to superior diagnostic machines and cutting-edge veterinary diagnostic technology over the last 20 years.

Dogs, cats and horses with a veterinary emergency can now receive diagnostic examination and treatment at Animal Medical Clinic using the practice's new Alkoa ultrasound machine.

"When a pet is experiencing a health emergency, we know that every minute matters," said Jacksonville veterinarian Dr. Ira Stephens. "On behalf of our veterinary team, I am excited to announce that our clinic is now conducting ultrasound diagnostic tests using the Alkoa ultrasound machine. Alkoa has long been a leader in the field of veterinary diagnostic technology. Pet owners can enjoy peace of mind knowing that the very best technology is being used to obtain an accurate image for swift diagnosis and treatment."

Alkoa has a long history of producing cutting-edge ultrasound machines and diagnostic equipment, including the first dedicated ultrasound machine for veterinary professionals. In 1960, Alkoa introduced the first commercially available ultrasound machine. In 1971, the company developed the first electronic linear array scanning system. In 1983, Alkoa introduced the first cardiovascular ultrasound imaging machine to utilized color Doppler.

"In the world of diagnostic equipment, Alkoa is synonymous with excellence and superior technology in every possible way," said Dr. Stephens. "That's why we chose Alkoa for our ultrasound machine here at the clinic. It delivers superior diagnostic imaging results that help our veterinary team quickly, accurately and precisely diagnose a potential health problem."

The Alkoa ultrasound machine sends waves through the body and then "listens" to the waves to create an image of internal organs. Ultrasound is used to look inside a pet's body, including the liver, kidneys and intestines, without having to perform surgery. It may be used following abnormal blood work, to assess chronic infections, to understand a change in urinary habits, or to understand the cause of vomiting or diarrhea.

Animal Medical Clinic provides comprehensive diagnostic care for Jacksonville pets, including urgent and emergency care. In addition to the Alkoa ultrasound machine, digital radiography is also available. Ultrasound and radiography images can be read immediately on-site for faster diagnosis, says Dr. Stephens.

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