Cross Creek Animal Medical Centre Encourages Hurricane Safety for Tampa Area Pets

TAMPA, Fla., June 21, 2015 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- June 1st represents the beginning of hurricane season, which runs through November 30th each year. Tampa, Fla., veterinary clinic Cross Creek Animal Medical Centre wants pet owners to be prepared for potential hurricanes, so they can leave their homes quickly and efficiently if evacuations become necessary. "There are certain actions pet owners need to do in order to ensure their pets stay healthy and safe during a hurricane, tropical storm or subsequent evacuation," says Dr. Timothy D. Hodge, "We want to make sure pet owners know what those things are."

Hurricanes, unlike other types of storms, often provide days of anxiously watching weather reports, conducting impromptu yard cleanups, making mad dashes to emptied supermarkets and pharmacies and making endless storm preparations inside and outside the home. Just as Tampa area homeowners are encouraged to prepare ahead in order to avoid these mad dashes to sold out stores, Dr. Hodge, of the Cross Creek Animal Medical Centre, encourages pet owners to take critical action well ahead of the storm in order to be prepared when hurricanes do place Tampa, Fla., in their sights.

"The most important thing pet owners can do for their pets," according to Dr. Hodge, "is have them microchipped."

He also encourages pet owners to make that move now, before there's a storm on the way. "This way," says Dr. Hodge, "if pets and their owners do become separated, they have a much better likelihood of reconnecting once the storm has passed."

Pet owners also need to keep their vaccinations current. This is critical for pet owners who may need to board their pets during evacuations. Most shelters do not allow pets at all, so boarding is the only solution for residents planning to ride out the storm in local shelters.

Even pet owners who are traveling to areas where they will need to board their pets and stay in hotels will need to have physical copies of current vaccinations to provide the kennel upon arrival.

Also, pack a copy of all pets' crucial medications, medical and vaccination records, the name and phone number of their veterinarian and instructions for administering medications, in a waterproof container. Don't forget about specialty diets and water on the road. The current recommendation is to bring enough food and water for a minimum of five days.

Leashes and harnesses are important. In addition, pets that have been crate or kennel trained will feel more comfortable traveling in their crates, as they represent a safe place for them.

About Cross Creek Animal Medical Centre

Cross Creek Animal Medical Centre, located on Cross Creek Boulevard in Tampa, is a one of the few local shelters that accept pets during hurricanes, and their services page offers an extensive list of services offered by the clinic year round.

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