Synergy Family Health to Offer New Addiction Medicine Treatment

OVIEDO, Fla., June 21, 2015 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- Synergy Family Health in Oviedo, Florida announces the addition of an addiction medicine program to their robust suite of health services. Dr. Eric Janowitz, founder of Synergy Family Health, believes this new treatment option fits well with the clinic's commitment to whole body health. "We've long believed that it's important to treat the whole body and addiction medicine is an important part of that treatment process with addiction to illicit drugs, prescription medication and alcohol plaguing so many," says Dr. Janowitz. "With the fast pace and high-stress of normal life today, many people are beginning to self-medicate and we want to show them that they do have options."

Among the changes Synergy Family Health is making to offer this new program is the addition of Dr. Tammy Tadom to the team. Dr. Tadom is a medical doctor with more than 20 years of experience in the medical field, including 15 years of service in emergency medicine. Dr. Tadom was also an Assistant Professor of Emergency Medicine at Georgetown University and at George Washington University. She also taught at Reagan Institute of Internal Medicine with a mission of improving quality emergency care in developing countries.

More recently, though, Dr. Tadom has shifted focus with the intention of providing preventative treatment rather than emergency treatment. This shift lead her to the practice of addiction treatment.

She has also completed a fellowship in addiction medicine and currently provides treatment for patients suffering from addictions to opiates, alcohol and benzodiazepine and has specific training in the use of Suboxone therapy. "Suboxone, is a treatment," says Dr. Tadom, "that has been used to help hundreds of patients overcome addictions to opiates."

Opiate addiction is of particular interest to people in the practice of chiropractic medicine because so many patients turn to opiates in search of relief from pain resulting from car accidents, back injuries, or work-related injuries.

"Many people fear that they can't afford medical treatment or that the treatment will require risky surgeries, and they live in unnecessary pain," says Dr. Tadom, "Often living with the pain until they reach a point where it's just too much for them to take. Then they turn, first to prescription medications and later to illicit drugs, alcohol, or some combination of the three."

Unfortunately, Dr. Tadom finds that relief still doesn't come for many. This is where addiction treatment comes into the picture to help treat the addiction while simultaneously addressing the underlying cause of that addiction – whatever the cause may be.

Dr. Tadom is currently accepting new patients and encourages anyone struggling with addiction to seek help now.

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