Why the next Zuckerberg or Sandberg may come from Arkansas

The only state that requires a coding education in America.

Arkansas Gov. Asa Hutchinson
Source: Office of the Governor
Arkansas Gov. Asa Hutchinson

Editor's note: This commentary was written before the release of the Top States 2015 data. The governor did not have knowledge of the rankings or the comprehensive data.

No other state is better preparing the next generation for 21st-century jobs. Arkansas is the national leader in computer coding. Under my direction, we recently became the first and only state to pass a comprehensive law requiring all public and charter high schools to offer computer-coding classes (students can start taking the classes this fall).

As part of our initiative, the state set aside $5 million for teacher training and to reward high-performance schools. Programs such as "Virtual Arkansas" cater to our rural school districts, which may need to offer coding classes online at first. All in all, our groundbreaking plan to expose Arkansas' students to computer coding represents a relatively small investment with the opportunity for a huge return.

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Because of this legislation, within a few years I expect Arkansas to develop the most computer-literate workforce in the country. That makes Arkansas a top state for business like no other. Here's why:

The need for high-tech talent in the workplace is nationwide, in every field and industry—Can you think of any business that doesn't involve computer technology in some way? Computer-programming jobs are growing at two times the national average, but technology in general is driving our nation's economy and our future. In time, a basic understanding of computer coding could prove as fundamental as reading and writing—and an essential skill to carry into any career. By training future generations of tech–savvy students, we are creating a business climate ripe for creative-thinking entrepreneurs and innovative fast-growth companies.

Hot Springs, Arkansas
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Hot Springs, Arkansas
"I expect Arkansas to develop the most computer-literate workforce in the country."

According to survey after survey, the biggest reasons businesses relocate or expand are the need for a talented workforce and the desire for a great quality of life. Nothing beats the Arkansas quality of life. From our eye-popping natural beauty, bountiful resources, pristine lakes and rivers and scenic mountains and valleys to our friendly, welcoming people, moderate climate and reasonable cost of living, Arkansas is the envy of the world. And just to make our state even more attractive to business, we recently passed the largest income-tax rate reduction in the history of Arkansas.

So not only is Arkansas open for business, we're preparing for more and more of it.

—By Arkansas Gov. Asa Hutchinson