Boats & Cycles Reaches Over $5 Billion in Inventory

Glendale, AZ, June 22, 2015 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- Considering the staggering amount of online traffic has received in the past year, it is no surprise that the site has reached an incredible amount of inventory value in that short time period. Boats & Cycles is an online classified advertising portal for motorcycle, boat, and RV enthusiasts. Individuals looking to buy or sell a unit as well as dealerships wanting to post entire showroom inventories both benefit from services available with Boats & Cycles.

Five billion is no number to scoff at, but the development team behind Boats & Cycles is able to manage this inventory in a profitable way for individuals as well as dealerships.

"What started as a small classified advertising site for mainly individuals posting units randomly has become an established e-commerce avenue for both dealerships and enthusiasts who consistently sell," says J. Futch, senior managing partner for "The growth we've seen in both inventory count and value of inventory is just phenomenal."

For single unit postings, is a completely free service. Those who want to buy or sell a personal vehicle or boat can utilize the site at no charge. Dealerships with an online inventory showroom do pay for an account with Boats & Cycles, but unlike competing services these dealerships are charged only a flat rate. While inventory count may fluctuate, that rate will not change.

"We want this site to be as useful as possible for our dealership clients," Futch explains. "By charging a flat rate for inventory postings, we create an online sales portal that is reliable, consistent, and continues to bring results for our clients. Our goal is that they see us as the most cost-efficient and effective choice for third party sales."

Boats & Cycles creates a way for more buyers to see inventory. For individual sellers, it is a tool that should be utilized to increase the likelihood of selling your unit fast. For dealerships, more buyers are drawn in - beyond those that visit the dealership website itself. As a third party site, provides consumers with peace of mind that the unit they are interested in has the right price for them on a competitive third party site. Boats & Cycles creates more opportunities for individuals and dealerships alike to sell units to a wider range of consumers ready to buy.

Dealership accounts come with an analytics tool that has information about leads and clicks directly to the dealership website from units posted on the third party site. Account managers can send detailed reports based on customer request. Dealerships that utilize as a third party vendor for their inventory see that increased exposure on the site creates more leads that convert to sales.

Sellers - leave your inventory listing needs to Dealers - call today to talk to an account representative, and see why Boats & Cycles is the best way to sell more!

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