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Charlotte, NC, June 22, 2015 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- JC Signs Charlotte is one of the fastest-growing sign companies in the Queen City, specializing in designs for locally-grown and located businesses and commercial real estate developers. They now have brand new offices located at 1008 East Boulevard Charlotte, NC!

Started in 2011, the company has over 100 clients in Charlotte and the surrounding areas, serving businesses that range from start-up nail salons to established healthcare providers. The new location of JC Signs Charlotte is

Project manager and CEO Jeff Clayton launched his company with a few goals in mind: to keep it local, affordable and reliable. He has over seven years of experience and a passion for working with clients. With only a $3,000 bank loan, business license and phone when he started out, the company has blossomed into the go-to place for upstarts in one of the many shopping centers and office parks popping up in the Charlotte area. His business grew through word of mouth and is now flourishing through referrals and social media.

"It's been the typical small business story," he says. "I've never looked back since I started."

As Charlotte grows, Jeff sees an increasing need for eye-catching signs to attract new and existing residents to businesses in the Queen City. Per the U.S. Census Bureau data compiled this year, over one million residents currently live in Mecklenburg County. About 20,000 residents came to Mecklenburg County between July 1, 2013 and July 2014, raising the total population to 1.01 million people. This makes Mecklenburg County the first county of North Carolina's 100 counties to pass the one million people threshold.

The Charlotte metro area is No. 16 in the nation for overall growth, especially in the tech scene. This past January, Google Fiber announced plans to make Charlotte one of the first metropolitan areas in the U.S. to get its gigabit Internet service, rivaling the hold Time Warner Cable currently has on the area. Smaller upstart tech companies are beginning to flourish in the area, including made-in-Charlotte Red Ventures, AvidXchange and Infobelt. About 40 percent of members in the N.C. Technology Association are active in Charlotte, while UNC Charlotte's College of Computing and Informatics is the biggest tech school in North Carolina.

There is an increasing need for healthcare and lifestyle businesses in the area as well. Clayton has overseen projects from multi-location health and fitness companies to large commercial real estate developments. The medical community is also growing. One of the first clients of JC Signs was a large multi-site medical provider, which turned into more projects with medical offices and centers.

The influx of new residents and businesses in Charlotte will put a premium on one-on-one, interpersonal communication. That's Clayton's favorite part of his work - combining his knack for sign placement strategy with his clients' visions for their businesses. He wants to leave a modern, unique mark on the Queen City with each sign -- and grow the businesses and people shaping the local economy.

"I really enjoy the customer contact part," he says. "I enjoy the design and pulling all the pieces of it together. It's really cool to look and see [the finished sign] on somebody's building."

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