LG CNS Introduces Smart, Efficient Population Health Management With the LG CNS Care Cloud

GEORGETOWN, Texas, June 22, 2015 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- Live at the national AHIMA LTPAC conference in Baltimore today, Collain Healthcare, an LG CNS Company, introduced the LG CNS Care Cloud, a technology ecosystem for population health management, to drive quality, reduce costs, and improve the patient, caregiver and provider experience. The LG CNS Care Cloud unifies the following in a single system: a true longitudinal patient healthcare data repository, Health Information Exchange (HIE), cross-organizational data normalization and consolidation; advanced, layered transport security; call center integration; case management; alerts/notifications/triggers; nurse triage; telemedicine; claims integration; secure single sign-on; analytics; and more.

"Providers realize that meaningful data is key, but acting on that data prescriptively is even more paramount," explained Robert Choi, Chief Strategy Officer of Collain Healthcare. "We have a comprehensive solution set to enable an enterprise to proactively leverage their data with appropriate and timely decisions and actions. The LG CNS Care Cloud takes a 'one patient one record' approach, cleansing and consolidating patient information from many systems into one unified longitudinal patient record. We make it very easy for healthcare providers to collaborate and coordinate care in one system, resulting in unprecedented efficiencies for population health management."

In addition, the LG CNS Care Cloud creates new opportunities for centralized chronic disease management. As data is consolidated, nurses and physicians can opt-in for automated alerts about potential issues, triggering pro-active interventions and exception management. Case managers gain analytics to identify pockets of chronic disease, helping to prioritize healthcare resources, improve quality, and manage costs.

"For the first time, population health management moves from possibility to reality in an affordable way," said Maryann Choi, M.D., M.P.H., M.S., CMD; CEO of Collain Healthcare. "The LG CNS Care Cloud streamlines coordination across the continuum. Physicians make decisions faster and provide timely treatment and root cause interventions; care coordinators optimize care navigation; payers provide cost-effective, consumer-centric population health management to their members; and patients are empowered to engage with improved access to information. The next generation of modern, consumer-centered care has arrived."

LG CNS is deploying the comprehensive enterprise approach and suite of solutions to LTPAC providers, acute care systems, physician groups, care management organizations, payers, and home and community-based services organizations across the country. In combination with the LG CNS EHRTM for LTPAC providers and Interactive Virtual Care TeamTM, a next-generation telemedicine platform, LG CNS is providing a complete approach to population health management.

About Collain Healthcare

Collain Healthcare, an LG CNS company, is headquartered in Georgetown, TX, and is the exclusive US commercialization entity of LG CNS Healthcare Solutions. Led by a physician, the leadership team is comprised of experts with deep knowledge across the continuum of care. Collain Healthcare delivers state-of-the-art, smart technology with patient-centered digital health solutions for the global healthcare industry and in alignment with the Triple Aim. Clients benefit from the most advanced health information technology platform created from the ground up with customers, following the passage of ACA and focusing on the future of healthcare. For more information, visit healthcare.lgcns.com.

CONTACT: Media Contact: Robert Choi, Chief Strategy Officer rchoi@collain.com (888) 501-4118

Source:Collain Healthcare, LLC-- anLG CNS Company