Marine Widow Donates House to Disabled Vet & Family for Designing Spaces(R) Military Makeover

POMPANO BEACH, Fla., June 22, 2015 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- A military family in Orlando is about to receive their dream home. And it's being given to them mortgage-free by a woman from a military family herself with the story unfolding on Designing Spaces of Hope - Military Makeover series hosted by R. Lee Ermey.

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The Travis family of Orlando, Florida was chosen out of a large pool of hopeful applicants by the Designing Spaces Team to receive the mortgage-free house and now will be featured as the next military family for the Designing Spaces of Hope - Military Makeover series, slated to air beginning Fall 2015 on Lifetime TV.

The heart-warming and inspiring Military Makeover series will chronicle the step-by-step renovations inside and outside of the 3/2 Orlando, Florida area house, and renovate it into a safer and more comfortable home before the Travis family moves in.

The story began when Stuart, also known as "Tinky" called Scott Moss of Designing Spaces to tell him she was touched by what she saw on the Military Makeover series that aired in November, featuring the Lunt family. She is from a military family herself, with three brothers in the Air Force and a husband who was in the Marines. And by the way, she has a house she would like to donate to the series. Her son recently died from leukemia and she couldn't bear to live there anymore by herself.

"I've never had a call quite like this one. At first I thought it was a prank…this lady wanted to give us her house! We're thrilled that Wilma is giving us this amazing opportunity to bless a deserving military family, and we're looking forward to turning this house into a beautiful home the Travis family can enjoy for years", said Moss, Senior Director of Programming for Designing Spaces.

Pat Patregnani, President and CEO of O2 Media/BrandStar says "We take enormous pride in helping fulfill a dream for this wonderful military family, and say a huge Thanks to all involved, starting with Tinky and her generous heart to the Travis Family, and everyone who helped connect the two on this new life-changing journey."

Tommy Travis was enlisted in the U.S. Army for, as he states, "Seven years, 8 months and 15 days" and was deployed to Iraq and Guantanamo Bay Detention Center. He medically retired in 2014 with PSTD and traumatic brain injury. His wife, Tammy and he are proud parents of two little girls, one who has medical issues.

Currently the family is renting and is short on space. After the renovations are completed, they will move into the home about an hour from their current location.

When Designing Spaces asked how their lives would be better if they received a house of their own, mortgage-free, Thomas immediately answered, "First thing is, no rent money or mortgage!" and Bethany chimed in, "It would be really great especially to have a home of our own…. that's one of our biggest dreams."

R. Lee Ermey, "The Gunny", actor and retired United States Marine Corps Staff Sergeant and Drill Instructor, will return to host the series for the third time.

This is the first time Designing Spaces of Hope – Military Makeover series, now in its 4th season, has given away a home.

The Designing Spaces – Spaces of Hope Military Makeover series is dedicated to giving back to the brave men and women who fight for our freedoms and sacrifice on our behalf by serving our country.

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