Worthington Capital Management Launches Mutual Fund Company

MEMPHIS, Tenn., June 23, 2015 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- Worthington Capital Management, an asset management firm headquartered in Memphis, TN, announced the launch of the Worthington Funds.

Founded by Chairman and Chief Executive Officer Steven W. Sansom, a Goldman Sachs Investment Management veteran with over 20 years of industry experience, Worthington Capital has identified and will bring to market a series of innovative, performance-driven mutual funds over time that seek to capture market inefficiencies or take advantage of secular trends.

Worthington Capital's first mutual fund launch is the Worthington Value Line Equity Advantage Fund (WVLEX), an actively managed open-end fund that invests primarily in closed-end equity funds trading at a discount to their respective net asset values.

"Throughout my investment career, I have always sought to add value by creating innovative strategies that can be used by investors to complement their core equity portfolios," stated Mr. Sansom. "Worthington Funds is committed to delivering highly disciplined strategies to investors and the Financial Advisors who serve them."

Worthington Funds plans to partner with experienced and highly regarded investment managers to deliver these complementary core equity strategies. Worthington's first partnership is with Value Line Funds. Starting operations in 1950, Value Line Funds is one of America's oldest fund companies.

"We are delighted to partner with Worthington Capital on their first mutual fund," said Mitchell Appel, President of Value Line Funds. "We believe that the Worthington Value Line Equity Advantage Fund provides investors with a unique opportunity to purchase equity securities through closed-end funds at generally a 5-10% discount from their actual value. Through the Fund, investors have the opportunity to capture capital appreciation not only through the underlying securities but also additional appreciation when the discount narrows."

The Worthington Funds are offered to investors primarily through the Financial Advisor community via numerous national and regional broker/dealers and the national RIA platforms.

About Worthington Capital Management

Based in Memphis, TN, Worthington Capital Management is the investment manager of the Worthington Funds. Its mission is to provide innovative, performance-driven investment strategies that seek to capture market inefficiencies or take advantage of secular trends. To accomplish this mission, Worthington partners with highly experienced asset managers. The Worthington Funds and its proprietary models are offered primarily to the Financial Advisor community that serves investors of all sizes.

About Value Line Funds

In 1950, Value Line started its first mutual fund. Since then, knowledgeable investors have been relying on the Value Line Funds to help them build their financial futures. Over the years, Value Line Funds has evolved into what it is today — a diversified family of mutual funds with a wide range of investment objectives, available directly to investors or through brokerage firms or financial advisors.

You should carefully consider investment objectives, risks, charges and expenses of Worthington Mutual Funds before investing. This and other information can be found in the Fund's prospectus and summary prospectus, which can be obtained free of charge from your investment representative, by calling 855-400-5941, or by clicking here. Please read it carefully before you invest or send money. Worthington Funds are distributed by EULAV Securities, LLC. Past performance is no guarantee of future results.

The Worthington Value Line Equity Advantage Fund primarily invests in a diversified basket of U.S. closed-end funds, preferred stocks and ETFs, and therefore is subject to the risks associated with closed-end funds, preferred stocks and ETFs. These risks include general market risk and depending on their investment policies and the types of securities in which the funds invest, may also be subject to issuer, credit, interest rate, prepayment, inflation, liquidity, political, currency, reinvestment, sector concentration, foreign securities, and leverage risk.

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