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Driving higher: 5 trades on auto stocks

Driving higher: 5 trades on auto stocks

After ratings changes that sent shares of U.S. auto giants Ford and General Motors in opposite directions, Ford looks like the better long-term play, some CNBC "Fast Money" traders said.

Goldman Sachs on Wednesday upgraded Ford to a "buy" rating while downgrading GM to "neutral" from "buy." Ford shares climbed more than 1 percent for the day, while GM shares slid more than 3 percent.

"I think it's trending higher," said trader David Seaburg of Ford, adding that it looks great from a technical standpoint.

New Ford cars are displayed on the sales lot at Veracom Ford in Burlingame, California.
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Trader Guy Adami agreed, saying that the stock is "getting some mojo." Ford closed Wednesday at $15.50 per share.

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Other traders shied away from both stocks, citing tough competition in the automobile market.

"I don't like either of them," said trader Dan Nathan.

Trader Brian Kelly agreed, but noted that he saw more opportunities in car components and technology. He sees upside in BlackBerry's "connected car" software, which runs in models from automakers including Ford, Porsche and BMW.

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Dan Nathan

Dan is long SPY June put fly, JPM July put spread, TJX Aug put, TXN July/Aug put spread, CAT July/August put spread, TWTR, TWTR SEPT call spread, SO, INTC July put and LVS July Aug put spread. He is short SO Aug call.

Brian Kelly

Brian Kelly is long BBRY, BTC=, EEM, MSFT, NOC, SPY, TAN, TSL and yen. He is short yuan. Today, he sold BABA.

Guy Adami

Guy Adami is long CELG, EXAS and INTC. Guy Adami's wife, Linda Snow, works at Merck.