Alki David Documentary 'Lord Of The Freaks' Gets Hologram Premiere Party and Release

LOS ANGELES, June 24, 2015 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- The Greek billionaire Alki David, an unstoppable Hollywood media mogul and thorn in the side of the old guard in entertainment, is hosting the premiere of his controversial documentary Lord of Freaks. The red carpet release party will be held on Monday June 29 at The Egyptian Theatre in Hollywood, followed by an after-party where there will be a shocking display of his patented hologram technology.

The feature-length documentary is being released the same day via Alki David's digital distribution company MondoTunes, placing it on iTunes and in the top 600 other digital stores around the world. Lord of the Freaks is the first title to be released by a new service from MondoTunes which moves beyond serving indie musicians and labels to distribute independent film. FilmOn has also co-produced with Relativity Digital the forthcoming feature film Bob Thunder: Internet Assassin, written and directed by Joe Nation.

Lord of the Freaks chronicles the trailblazing enterprises of new media mogul Alki David, aka 'The Eccentric Billionaire,' a man whose extreme wealth and unusual sensibilities have resulted in an array of confounding escapades. The film is jam-packed with film and TV personalities including Fred Durst, Dave Navarro, Eric Roberts, Andy Dick, Kato Kaelin, Janice Dickinson, Ron Jeremy, Chuck Zito, the Real Housewives of Beverly Hills, Rampage Jackson, and Cory Feldman, all of whom are expected to attend the star-studded Hollywood event. The premiere party will be broadcast live on and Dish Network's FOTV (channel 6 in LA as well as Sky 237 in the UK).

Produced by, and featuring, the unconventional billionaire, Lord of the Freaks looks at the social TV network—which has been described as an insane asylum, a gladiatorial media pit and "like going to war." Alki David himself acts as sadistic ringmaster, pushing people to do all manner of bizarre and at times disgusting things in a journey into the darker recesses of the Internet. The 90-minute film, directed by Andrew Tregila shows BattleCammers getting married, lit on fire, shot, imprisoned, attempting assisted suicide, tattooed, and staple gunning their scrotums to tables across the world. All in the spirit of freedom of expression, BattleCam,com has been called the ultimate human experiment. Watch the Red Band trailer here. Watch the clean version here.

The premiere party, sponsored by Deep Eddy Vodka, will also feature the demonstration of the work of another of Alki David's companies, Hologram USA, at an exclusive after party. Hologram USA owns the patent to the only authentic HD hologram experience, famous for the Tupac Shakur hologram and many other celebrity holograms being created now.

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