HTBase is Drastically Changing the Datacenter Infrastructure and the Hyperconverged Market

TORONTO, June 24, 2015 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- HTBase is transforming the hyperconverged market with HTVCenter, a pure software solution. With no need to acquire hardware, HTVCenter makes it easier for companies to implement the technology and leverage the investments already made in hardware resources and brings the promise of drastically reducing the IT infrastructure / Datacenter costs.

HTBase is attracting some large IT players who are looking at acquisitions as a way to get into the hyperconverged / Software-Defined Datacenter market. With HTVCenter, large IT players have found it easy to get into the market and add the solution to their offerings.

This week HTBase unveiled two new products to its hyperconverged set of solutions that works on top of HTVCenter – Fortis and Nephos -- both aimed at simplifying and scaling infrastructure while enhancing IT service delivery and helping organizations to enable transformation through ITaaS.

Fortis is a user self-service based platform where datacenter administrators can define access based on security roles for “super users”. These super users can be business unit leads or departments in the IT area who needs more freedom when managing resources and responding faster to the business requirements that may arise. Administrators can limit the amount of resources that will be available to these users, resources such as Memory, Storage, Network and even limit on the amount of Virtual Machines that these users can create.

HTBase’s goal with Fortis is to drive an IT-as-a-Service model, reducing the amount of burden on the core IT team and pushing the responsibilities of some tasks to the area responsible for the resources needed.

There is a billing system integrated in Fortis that also helps the infrastructure team to push down the costs to the area, easing the budget allocation at the end of the financial cycle.

Fortis features one-click virtual environment creation for more efficient maintenance and administration for the super users, allowing them to fully manage the environments they create as well as one-click insight for detailed capacity.

Nephos creates a datacenter inside your datacenter. Nephos fits perfectly for Service Providers and organizations with different Business Units or operations in multiple countries.

Nephos allows datacenter administrators to create containers with dedicate amounts of resources in HTVCenter, dedicating these resources to either a client or Business Unit. Once defined, these becomes a virtual datacenter where administrators can setup a whole set of security control and have it as a virtual datacenter inside the physical datacenter.

For Business Units and Service Providers, they will have their HTVCenter with their “own datacenter”, with total freedom for creating the environment they need or even having their version of Fortis available to their users, which is perfect when Business Units need to have their own datacenters, security and freedom to manage it as required or, in case of Service Providers, they can create these Container based environments to host their clients, giving them the ability to manage their “datacenters” as they need.

Even with these two new products, HTBase is keeping the “pure software” methodology, going against most of the Hyperconverged solution providers, where you need to acquire their hardware to have the solution in place. HTVCenter, Fortis and Nephos are pure software solutions, which can be implemented in any hardware you have in your datacenter, allowing organizations to leverage the investments already made, and the same applies for virtualization and storage technologies, where HTVCenter can integrate with all major ones available in the market such as VMWare ESXi, Xen, Citrix, KVM and all the major storage brands and technologies.

About HTBase

HTBase delivers web-scale solutions for next-generation enterprise computing, elevating IT to focus on the applications and services that power their business. The company's pure software-driven HTVCenter Platform natively converges compute, virtualization and storage into a single solution to drive simplicity in the datacenter. Using HTVCenter, customers benefit from predictable performance, linear scalability and cloud-like infrastructure consumption.

HTBase supports clients on the migration to Software-Defined Datacenter performing free studies, business cases and POC to show how HTVCenter can help organizations reduce up to 40% on costs on IT Infrastructure.

Source: HTBase