Google makes a big bet on... Alabama?

Google makes big bet on Alabama

Google is rolling the dice on Alabama. (Tweet this)

The Internet and technology giant plans to build a new data center in the state at the site of a former coal-fired power plant. In a blog post Wednesday, Google said the center—its 14th globally—will repurpose the plant's existing infrastructure to run on renewable energy.

Georges Gobet | AFP | Getty Images

Google will reportedly invest $600 million in the northern Alabama facility, which will create about 100 jobs.

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The company has recently added new data centers in Iowa, Georgia, Singapore and Belgium as more people around the world gain Internet access and put more stress on its servers. Google has emphasized using clean energy to power the centers.

Alabama Gov. Robert Bentley said Wednesday that Google will build the data center on a 350-acre plot of land in Stevenson owned by the Tennessee Valley Authority. Stevenson is about 60 miles northeast of Huntsville.