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Lightning Round: My top oil play—with an open hand

It's that time again! The Lightning Round bell has rung, and Jim Cramer gives his take on a few favorite audience stocks:

Westlake Chemical Corp: "It is a good company. Look, my charitable trust owns Dow Chemical and that's the one I like because it's got the good yield and I like Andrew Liveris. The problem with Dow is that you're not going to really get the big buyback until after it closes the Olin deal, but I do like Dow more."

Schlumberger Limited: "My charitable trust owns it, we are looking to pull the trigger at $85 or $86. Buy a little more to be sold in the $90s. That's my play with an open hand, that's where I am."

Hortonworks: "It's big data and it's very hot, but when I think of big data in the end I am going to default to social, mobile, cloud, connectivity, artificial intelligence—Salesforce."

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Hanesbrands Inc: "That stock is such a good stock. It's always at its 52-week high. No offense but in this selloff, maybe get it $1.50 below the 52-week high and then pull the trigger."

Family Dollar: "That one is going away. Remember we are going to have just Dollar Tree and Dollar General, and I like both of them."

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