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Google, GE top Europe corporate lobbying list

U.S. giants Google and General Electric (GE) are clocking the most corporate face time with Europe's top officials, a report by Transparency International has revealed.

The report from the European Union branch of the anti-corruption body was published on Wednesday. It showed that more than 75 percent of 4,318 meetings declared by the European Commission (EC) over the last seven months were with corporate lobbyists.

Google had met with officials from the EC—the executive body of the European Union—29 times since December 2014, while GE had held 26 meetings.

"People have always talked about how corporate lobbying dominates Brussels, but now we know by how much," report author and Transparency International EU Integrity Policy Officer Daniel Freund told CNBC Thursday.

"We can also see that clear link that leads us to believe that money does buy influence, when the biggest spenders get the most access to the Commission," he added.

Both Google and GE face regulatory and legal battles in Europe at present.

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Google is been hit with antitrust charges, after the EC claimed the company's internet search service was skewing results to featured its own services, including shopping ads.

Given the backdrop, a Google spokesperson told CNBC that meetings with officials were an opportunity to clear the air.

"As we've said before, we want to do a better job of listening to Europe's concerns and explaining how our business works in Europe," a Google spokesperson said by email.

GE, meanwhile is fighting a lengthy battle to secure a $17 billion merger with the energy business of France's Alstom's that has raised competition concerns.

In a statement to CNBC, a representative for GE confirmed the company was "actively engaged with the European Commission" with regards to the deal.

All companies bar one that logged more than 10 high-level meetings with the EC in the past six months spent at least 900,000 euros ($1 million) on lobbying per annum, the Transparency International report showed. European aerospace conglomerate Airbus, was the only exception, spending just 400,000 euros ($447,000).

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Google and GE ranked as the sixth- and seventh-biggest spenders, with 3.5 million euros and 3.2 million euros, respectively. They were topped by Exxon Mobil, Royal Dutch Shell and Microsoft, which each spent 4.5-5.0 million euros on lobbying, according to their declarations in the EU Transparency Register.