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Cramer game plan: It holds us hostage next week

Cramer: Next week bookended by Greece & jobs
Cramer: Next week bookended by Greece & jobs

Friday brought another day of hope with talks of Greece, though in Jim Cramer's opinion, the talks were not based on a shred of reality. This is probably why the market gave up much of its gains at the end of the session, though there were several stocks that stood out as winners.

For instance, Nike almost single-handedly pulled the Dow with its amazing execution. It overcame a slowdown in China, a sinking Europe and a so-so market in the U.S. and still put up impressive numbers.

"The most amazing thing to know about Nike's quarter? It has legs, which is why the stock didn't come in at all today. One word: Bravo," the "Mad Money" host said.

Investors also saw a second day of love for hospitals and HMOs, and those stocks were on fire.

It is exactly from this place of love that Cramer wants to start a new week. Cramer expects to either hear that Aetna is finalizing the deal to buy Humana or Anthem is snagging Cigna—or both—when the market opens on Monday.

"The market's going to need it, and I'll tell you why. Despite what you hear about the talks going well in Greece and how there's a new plan to extend negotiations, I think that's wrong," Cramer said.

So if Greece defaults, then the dollar will rise and the bull case for the market next week will be hit. Thus, Cramer expects that the market will know how the scenario plays out by Monday.

Tuesday: ConAgra, AeroVironment
ConAgra: While the stock is up due to activist pressure that will limit the downside, the upside is limited because the brands are so weak.

"I'm sure the activists want it sold, which is why both Pinnacle Foods and TreeHouse have been rallying. They're natural buyers," Cramer explained.

AeroVironment: This is an unmanned aircraft company, and at one time Cramer considered it to be the top drone play but has since taken a hit, thanks to Ambarella. So, if the business is good at AeroVironment, Cramer suggested buying more Ambarella.

Wednesday: Constellation brands, General Mills, Paychex
Constellation: This is Cramer's favorite beverage company, as it is the fastest growing beer company in the world. He expects a great quarter.

General Mills: Cramer has noticed that this company has been rapidly moving to create a healthier cereal lineup. He thinks that if the stock is hit, investors should buy it like clockwork.

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Thursday: Non-farm payroll
Cramer expects that if there is any positive news from Greece, though he doesn't think there will be, and we get a positive jobs number then the Fed will announce a rate hike for September.

And while many still aren't ready for a rate hike, Cramer thinks investors should be careful going into this number because it could trigger certainty for the Fed tightening.

Ultimately, Greece and labor department numbers will truly determine everything in the market next week. While Cramer is excited to hear from a few companies, he knows that these larger forces at work could make it or break it.

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