NFL pursues temporary L.A. venues for 2016 season

The Los Angeles Memorial Coliseum
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The NFL launched an official search for stadiums in the L.A. area on Thursday, first reported by The Los Angeles Times.

The search to secure a temporary venue started when the league issued proposal requests to venues including both the Rose Bowl and the L.A. Coliseum, The Times reported.

The NFL's VP of corporate development confirmed the search had been set in motion and told CNBC the move was to secure a venue "for play temporarily if a team or teams is approved for relocation."

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Twenty years have passed since an NFL team called Los Angeles home. After the conclusion of the 1994 season the Raiders returned to Oakland and the Rams moved to St. Louis, but now both teams are said to be exploring a potential return to the L.A. area.

A link discovered last month on the NFL's website pointing to a Los Angeles Rams team page fueled speculation that the franchise could be the leading candidate for the L.A. area. But the NFL quickly informed the St. Louis Post-Dispatch it was a bug in the system that caused old URL identifiers to bring up legacy teams and pointed out the same glitch created an old Boston Patriots team page.

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The new search for temporary stadiums has L.A. football fans rightfully excited. The Times says the NFL has not gone as far as taking that step at any point over the last two decades despite calls for a team's return, making it all the more likely at least one team returns to the City of Angels.

NFL owners will meet in Chicago on August 11 to further discuss plans and layout all options available to relocate a team or teams to Los Angeles NFL media previously reported.

You can read more from the Los Angeles Times report here.

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