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Strategist says markets should avoid complacency re: attacks

ISIS stokes sectarian fears

Three terror attacks in three different countries Friday and a call by ISIS for violence have rattled the Middle East region, but the financial markets have been complacent about it, strategist Helima Croft said Friday.

Dozens of people were killed and hundreds injured in terror attacks in France, Tunisia and Kuwait. The violence erupted just days after ISIS urged its supporters to make the Muslim holy period of Ramadan "a month of disaster." The Pentagon is trying to determine if the attacks were coordinated, according to Reuters.

Croft noted that there were also several deadly bombings in Saudi Arabia's eastern provinces in June.

"They are attacking areas around oil facilities.… They just have to hit one facility and the market, I think, will be very rattled. The market is incredibly complacent right now. They shouldn't be about this," said Croft, head of commodity strategy at RBC Capital Markets and a CNBC contributor. Croft previously worked at the Council of Foreign Affairs and at the CIA.

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What's worrying is that there have been Friday prayer attacks in the Gulf, and with a few more weeks of Ramadan to go, everyone is nervous, she told CNBC's "Closing Bell."

"It looks like one of their tactics is really to really try to plan sectarian tension in the regions. They are really going after Shiites. It is a really, really inflamed region right now.… I think everyone is very rattled."

ISIS is one of several terror groups operating in the region, including Al Qaeda. While they do take inspiration from each other, they are not sharing command and control, said Croft.

However, "there's always a concern these groups could link up at a later stage."

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—NBC News contributed to this report.

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