Central Animal Hospital Writes BuzzFeed Article on Vacation Tips for Pet Owners

SCARSDALE, N.Y., June 28, 2015 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- Scarsdale, New York pet owners have a champion in Central Animal Hospital who wants to make this summer's vacation a safe event for four-legged vacation companions as well. The BuzzFeed article in question offers practical tips and advice for not only traveling with pets, but also planning vacations with pets in mind. This includes things like finding pet-friendly hotels, bringing awareness to pet fees, and reminding pet owners about the importance of maintaining a consistent diet while traveling in order to avoid the unpleasant consequences of changes in meals and snacks.

Dr. Michael Woltz of Central Animal Hospital in Scarsdale, New York feels that the content of the BuzzFeed article is something all pet owners should read whether they are traveling with pets this summer or considering doing so in the future. "The advice in the article is something pet owners should carry with them at all times," says Dr. Woltz. "It's practical and actionable advice that will not only eliminate confusion when traveling with pets, but that will also help to prepare pet owners for a few travel realities ahead of time."

Those travel realities include things like the need for comfort toys while traveling. "Even if pets are traveling in pet crates or carriers that are familiar to them, familiar stuffed animals or chew toys can help comfort them when owners are unable to do themselves," says Dr. Woltz. The toys allow pets to comfort themselves which can make a long car ride much more bearable.

Pet owners should also consider bringing health certificates along with complete and up-to-date vaccination records along with them. Get these records within ten days of traveling as it is required of airlines and most boarding facilities should owners find themselves in need of one while traveling.

Also bring along any special prescription medications, vitamins, and/or supplements pets are taking and call ahead to check with hotels about pet policies, size and/or breed restrictions, and pet fees.

Another interesting suggestion in the article was to consider a trial run to make sure pets do not get car sick. The article also reminds pet owners that frequent stops for water and exercise are as important to pets when traveling as they are for people – not to mention pit stops for other pet necessities.

Of course all of this helpful advice is followed by one very important warning that pet owners should never leave their pets in a parked car. The temperature inside the car and outside the car – even with cracked windows are vastly different and minutes can prove fatal for beloved pets.

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