Island Chiropractic Wants to Spread the Word That June is Men's Health Month

GILBERT, Ariz., June 28, 2015 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- Most men don't realize that there is an entire month dedicated to men's health; although, most men have heard the news about "Movember" in the month of November. There is no denying Movember's positive message and its impact on the men's health conditions of prostate cancer, testicular cancer and men's mental health. The month of June, while lesser known, is dedicated to all aspects of men's health. Island Chiropractic of Gilbert, Ariz., wants to bring awareness to men's health issues, so that everyone understands the importance of getting regular physical checkups to monitor the state of health in men and the power of preventative medicine in avoiding serious illnesses.

Throughout the month of June, most cities will offer health fairs, health education outreach, health screenings and media events to raise awareness about various men's health concerns in the community and throughout the world. The goal of Men's Health Month is to encourage men and boys to seek early treatment for injuries and illnesses rather than waiting until small problems become major health concerns before seeking out medical advice.

"Preventative medicine is also high on the list of awareness priorities for the month of June," says Dr. Carlow, "Especially when you consider that women are 100-percent more likely to take advantage of preventative services and annual doctor visits than men."

For his part, Dr. Daniel Carlow of Island Chiropractic wants to stress the fact that men don't have to live in pain. "Many men avoid seeking out medical treatment, and even chiropractic care, because they've been taught that they need to suck it up, that pain is just part of aging, and that isn't the case," says Dr. Carlow. "There's no need to live with unnecessary neck, back or joint pain when there are so many effective, non-invasive treatments available through chiropractic care."

"Another problem men face when it comes to seeking medical care is fear. Men don't have the same social network of support that women do to discuss their aches and pains, so they may fear it's a sign of something much more catastrophic than it really is," says Dr. Carlow. "By ignoring it, they put off facing the bad news they fear is coming, but, often, the news is not all that bad."

This is just one of the things Dr. Carlow hopes will be explored in the media and by families during Men's Health Month. Not only is chiropractic care essential for pain management, but it is also important in encouraging better overall physical and mental health and wellness. Individuals can support sound overall health and wellness through services such as chiropractic adjustments, exercise treatments, stretching, decompression therapies and massage therapies that relieve tension, decrease stress and promote relaxation.

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