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5 things on Power Lunch today

Here's a look at 5 can't miss stories you'll see on Power Lunch today:

1) All the latest on the Greek and Puerto Rican debt crises dominating the markets right now. That includes live reports from CNBC's Michelle Caruso-Cabrera in Athens and Kate Kelly in San Juan.

2) Just about all the experts were making a big prediction about auto sales for the second half of this year, but CNBC's Phil LeBeau was skeptical and now he's looking more right than ever. We'll explain as we await tomorrow's June auto sales numbers.

3) An important group of investors just got very bearish all of sudden on the economy. You might get a bit of a chill when you find out who they are.

4) Bond king Bill Gross will give us his outlook post-Greece and beyond.

5) Home prices went up in April, but did they go up enough? And will we see a really hot real estate market this summer?

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