Drought Matters: Once-in-a-1000-Year-Opportunity in California Puts a Crisis to Work

SANTA MONICA, Calif., June 30, 2015 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- Finding the world’s most innovative water technology just became easier with watercluster.com, the first online platform to connect technology, corporates, investors, key industry stakeholders to solve urgent water problems compounded by record drought on the West Coast.

German-born waterpreneur Thomas Schumann was inspired to launch the online venture by the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency Water Technology Innovation Cluster Program after realizing Southern California was missing a water cluster initiative to help with its immediate needs.

“This industry needs a dynamic marketplace where resources can quickly be matched and deployed to address the growing need for new water solutions,” says Erik Hromadka, CEO of Global Water Technologies (OTC:GWTR), which was the first company to join. “We look forward to being part of this exciting new venture.”

Schumann seeks “Disruptive Collaboration” through the online platform, which has members working together and matching needs with water conservation, recycling and treatment solutions in a real-time environment.

“Southern California is a key market for innovation and the perfect place to introduce a new paradigm putting the crisis to work, matching new water technology with corporations, investors and industry leaders from around the world and focusing on action and work instead of mere talk,” says Thomas Schumann.

The first such action in California introduces a proven, affordable, fast, environmentally-responsible Austrian water exploration technology to the Central Valley. It has 3,000 successful, global technology applications in past 15 years with a 95% success rate and provides immediate access to water sources for businesses and communities in need.

Schumann launched watercluster.com in Santa Monica, a leading city embracing sustainability and water conservation and the center of gravity to drive positive change to overcome California's water challenges.

About watercluster.com: watercluster.com, is the world’s first online platform for the global water sector to connect, communicate, collaborate and drive solutions in real-time.

Contact: Thomas Schumann info@watercluster.com 424-252-4270