Compuware's New Topaz(TM) for Java Performance Pioneers Java-on-Mainframe Management With Innovative "Under the Hood" Insight

Third Release of 2015 Also Adds Data Flow Visualization and zIIP-Enabled Copying to Enhance Productivity of Both Millennial and Veteran Developers

  • Java® on the mainframe uniquely enables enterprise IT organizations to leverage both their existing developer skill-sets and the superior capabilities of mainframe specialty processors.
  • Compuware is empowering enterprise IT to exploit the benefits of Java on the mainframe by providing "under the hood" visibility into the performance and behavior of Java code execution on IBM z Systems.
  • Compuware's newest release of Topaz also enhances the productivity of new and veteran mainframe developers with rich data flow visualization and high-performance data copying.
  • With the third release of Topaz this year, Compuware again fulfills its promise of quarterly deliverables—a precedent-setting first for the mainframe ISV market.

At-a-glance summary of Topaz for Java Performance Measurements of CPU Utilization, Heap Memory, Java Classes and Threads.

DETROIT, July 1, 2015 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- Compuware Corporation, the world's leading mainframe-dedicated software company, today released a substantial upgrade to Topaz, an innovative development-and-operations suite that empowers customers to get maximum value from their IBM z Systems environments.

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Of primary importance to customers is the debut of Topaz for Java Performance, which delivers comprehensive visibility into the performance and behavior of Java Batch programs and WebSphere transactions running on the mainframe—including peak CPU utilization of specific Java methods and classes; "garbage collection" issues such as memory leaks and excessively long collection intervals; and threads that are blocked or not actually doing useful work.

By providing these capabilities, Topaz for Java Performance gives mainframe owners the confidence to more aggressively pursue the benefits of running Java on IBM z Systems, which include:

  • Leveraging the wealth of existing Java programming expertise
  • Lower costs through the use of IBM's specialty processors
  • Easier connectivity of applications across platforms
  • Running Java application code on the world's most scalable, reliable, secure and cost-efficient platform

"Topaz is enabling us for a multi-channel, multi-platform future. Its functionality will allow us to work with mainframe and non-mainframe data in a common, visual, and intuitive manner, providing our next-gen developers the same agility and speed as our seasoned IT pros," said Tonya Robison, VP Legacy Integrations, Conversion, Decommission, Alfa Insurance. "Products like Topaz will protect our current investments and enable the next generation of application developers."

The new release of Topaz delivers two additional capabilities that enhance customers' ability to get maximum value from their mainframe:

  • Topaz for Program Analysis now gives developers intuitive, accurate visibility into the flow of data within their COBOL or PL/l applications—including how data gets into that field; how that field is used to set other fields; and how that field is used in comparisons. This "data flow" feature helps developers make better, smarter decisions about application design. It is especially useful for Millennial developers who may not have a wealth of hands-on experience with IBM z Systems technology.
  • Topaz for Enterprise Data now provides high-speed, compression-enabled host-to-host data copying that exploits IBM z Systems zIIP processors, thus reducing the burden on its general processors. This fast, efficient copying enables developers to complete their work more quickly at less cost.

"With the latest release of Topaz, Compuware is demonstrating its ongoing and timely commitment to providing tools that can add value to mainframe environments for both experienced and Millennial IT staff," said Tim Grieser, Program Vice President, Enterprise System Management Software, IDC. "Topaz for Java Performance can help IT organizations understand issues such as CPU utilization and memory usage for Java on the mainframe, providing information that can be used to tune application performance and help optimize operational costs."

Pioneering the Agile Mainframe

Since debuting Topaz in January 2015, Compuware has delivered two significant quarterly upgrades—an unprecedented pace of innovation in the mainframe management software market.

"In addition to aggressively advocating and enabling Agile development on the mainframe, Compuware is also proving itself to be one of the industry's foremost practitioners," said Compuware CEO Chris O'Malley. "Compuware has been transformed into an agile business. This redesign has enabled us to deliver innovative solutions like Topaz that empower our customers to gain greater value from their tremendous investments in mainframe applications and data."

For a deeper dive into the capabilities discussed in this announcement, watch the Topaz for Java Performance and Topaz for Program Analysis demonstrations. For additional resources, visit

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