Grupo Salinas Companies Have a Solid Commitment With Sustainability

-Energy savings translate into reduction of 32, 000 tons of C02 in 2014, generating a benefit equivalent to planting 163,000 trees-

-90% of paper is recycled-

-Clean-up campaign convokes 8.5 million people to collect more than 42,000 tons of garbage in Mexico-

MEXICO CITY, July 1, 2015 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- Grupo Salinas, a group of dynamic, fast-growing and technologically advanced companies, deeply committed to the modernization of the countries in which they operate, founded by the entrepreneur Ricardo B. Salinas, announced today important milestones in its commitment to operate sustainable, environmentally-friendly companies.

As a result of energy efficiency measures implemented since 2008 in our offices, points of sale, production facilities and with fleet vehicles in Mexico and Central and South America, Grupo Elektra and Azteca -companies listed on the Mexican Stock Exchange and part of the Sustainability Index- saved 61 GWh in 2014, which translates into a reduction of 32,464 tons of carbon dioxide, equivalent to the energy consumed by 35,653 households for a year or the environmental benefit of planting 163,042 trees.

The daily environmental commitment includes efficient water use, the recycling of approximately 90% of the paper used in company operations, and the separation and recycling of aluminum, paper, cardboard and PET.

Additionally, through Fundacion Azteca, Grupo Salinas promoted the country's largest cleanup campaign, Limpiemos Nuestro Mexico, increasing awareness about the problem of waste. In 2014 the campaign called 8.5 million volunteers to action to collect and separate more than 42,000 tons of garbage throughout the country. Similarly, Fundación Azteca promoted the ¡Que viva la Selva Lacandona!, drawing contest that educates children about the importance of preserving natural areas. This year the competition received more than 40,000 entries.

Grupo Salinas also promoted reforestation programs that resulted in planting over 30,000 trees throughout the country.

Grupo Salinas and its founder Ricardo Salinas have a strong commitment to the environment and seek economic development advances together with environmental protection, resulting in improved quality of life and prosperity for current and future generations. To learn more about the activities of environmental sustainability, visit Azteca and Grupo Elektra sustainability reports at: and

About Grupo Salinas

Grupo Salinas ( is a group of dynamic, fast growing, and technologically advanced companies focused on creating shareholder value, building the Mexican middle class, and improving society through excellence. Created by Mexican entrepreneur Ricardo B. Salinas (, Grupo Salinas operates as a management development and decision forum for the top leaders of member companies. These companies include: Azteca (; Azteca America (, Grupo Elektra (, Banco Azteca (, Advance America (, Afore Azteca (, Seguros Azteca (, Punto Casa de Bolsa (, Totalplay ( and Enlace TPE ( Azteca and Grupo Elektra trade shares on the Mexican Stock Market and are part of its Sustainability Index. Each of the Grupo Salinas companies operates independently, with its own management, board of directors and shareholders. Grupo Salinas has no equity holdings. The group of companies shares a common vision, values and strategies for achieving rapid growth, superior results and world-class performance.

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