Jenson Button on Silverstone: 'We won't win'

Jenson Button on F1 tech and rules

British Formula 1 (F1) driver Jenson Button has admitted that his team McLaren will not win at the British Grand Prix this weekend following a horrible start to the season.

McLaren has been battling with major performance issues with its cars, resulting in a torrid few races for Button and teammate Fernando Alonso.

The former world champion has managed to score points just once this season when he came eighth in the Monaco Grand Prix earlier this year, while Alonso retired from five of the seven races he has started due to engine reliability issues.

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As a result, Button admitted that he won't win the British Grand Prix at Silverstone on Sunday, but said he remains optimistic for the future.

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"We are not going to achieve what we'd like to achieve which is a win. I think we have to look at scoring points, which is the game, which is a shame, but that's where we are right now," Button told CNBC in an interview.

"But still, the atmosphere is great at the team and it's amazing to see…It's just a matter of putting our heads down and focusing on improvements…and we'll get there but there's no point in being negative."

Questions have been raised about Button's future. Former Red Bull driver Mark Webber has asked Button to join him in the World Endurance Championship – another series focusing on races that last at least six hours. But Button said he was just looking to the races ahead.

"I've learnt over time that you've just got to live in the moment…The only way to have a good future with McLaren Honda is to keep our heads focused on improving and that's exactly what we're doing," the Brit told CNBC.

Rules need 'rethink'

Button also criticised the F1 rules, calling them "complicated," after McLaren fell foul of some of the racing laws.

F1 cars are only allowed to be fitted with four different engines this season. A car might change an engine due to a crash or if one performed better than the other, for example, but Button was hit with a 25-place penalty at the Austrian Grand Prix after his team fitted a fifth engine in his car. The 25-place penalty came despite there being only 20 cars racing.

Button said confusion over the rules meant they need to be revised.

"It's complicated for us involved, so it must be complicated for the fans," he said. "I think it does need a rethink and all the teams need to agree that it needs a rethink. And if that is the case, things can change."

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