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Jim Carrey fumes about vaccines on Twitter

Actor Jim Carrey speaks at a rally calling for healthier vaccines June 4, 2008 in Washington, DC. Many at the rally are concerned about the connection between heavy metals in vaccines and autism.
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California governor Jerry Brown just signed a law that tightly restricts the reasons parents in the Golden State for exempting their children from vaccination requirements.

Apparently, Jim Carrey is not happy about it at all. The actor said on Twitter that "greed trumps reason," and also wrote that at least one person involved in all of this is a "corporate fascist," according to Carrey's tweets posted in Slate's Bad Astronomy blog.

Carrey said he is "anti-mercury," not anti-vaccine, and said there are unsafe levels of mercury in vaccines. Phil Plait, Bad Astronomy's author, pointed out the research saying fears over mercury in vaccines are unsubstantiated.

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