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Your face could potentially be on the new $10 bill

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While there has been some backlash about the redesigned $10 bill, which is set to have a woman on it, the United States Treasury Department hosted a Twitter chat to address the public's questions about currency and #TheNew10.

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Here are seven fun facts we learned from the chat:

1. The average cost of producing each new $10 bill is 9.5 cents.

2. Credit cards may be ubiquitous, but cash is king. When Twitter user @JeffreyBorup asked about eliminating paper money completely, the Treasury said, "The demand for cash remains strong and many people prefer cash. There is over $1.3 trillion in circulation."

3. When asked why Hamilton is being replaced rather than Andrew Jackson, the Treasury responded by saying, "The Advantage Counterfeit Deterrence Committee advised the $10 bill to be redesigned in 2013. Women have waited over 100 years."

4. Ever wonder what share of U.S. currency is not inside the U.S.? The Treasury says some two-thirds of U.S. currency circulates abroad.

5. The department is looking into changing portraits and other aspects of the note and did not reject the possibility of putting a new building on the back of the bill, which would replace the U.S. Treasury Building.

6. Did you know that your face could potentially be on the new $10 bill? User @glennsjourney asked, "Is there a contest for a submission? Can I submit my own design for the new $10 or other denominations?" It turns out that, yes, the department is accepting any submissions for consideration.

7. Does the public backlash about the currency change bother the department? Not so much—the Treasury simply stated, "In a democracy, we value everyone's voice. We are doing public outreach to hear what [people] are thinking."

All tweets from the Treasury's Twitter chat are available below.