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This may be one of the world's most exclusive websites

Gavin Roberts | PC Plus Magazine | Getty Images

Get in line because the Internet's most exclusive website only lets one person in at a time.

People are waiting hours and hours to spend a mere 60 seconds on the secretive site called After typing in the web address, users will see the landing page (pictured below), be prompted to enter their name ... and then wait.

While the viral site was developed on a whim, creator Justin Foley told CNBC that he thought, "the Internet was designed to be open and accessible, what if I made a website that was the antithesis of one of the defining qualities of the Internet?" So he did.

Only a couple thousand people have actually made it to the website, while over 100,000 have waited in line and almost 400,000 have visited the domain on Monday and Tuesday alone, Foley says.

As for those who have made it to the site, reactions have been mixed but mostly positive. Anywhere from "I waited six hours for this?!" to "pure artistic genius," Foley has heard it all.

What is on the site remains a mystery to anyone who hasn't already accessed it ... and Foley isn't telling.