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Stocks to own for the next 239 years

Stocks to own for the next 239 years

On Saturday, the United States of America will celebrate its 239th birthday in a flourish of fireworks and festivities across the nation.

While some U.S. companies like Jim Beam, DuPont and Colgate have been around almost as long as the Constitution, the Founding Fathers probably couldn't have imagined many of today's most successful businesses in their wildest dreams.

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Although celebrations will surely be held around Washington's Capitol Building, the "Fast Money" traders were more focused on building capital. In honor of America's birthday, the crew picked companies and indices to own that could be around for the next 239 years. Traders say these are names to buy and hold forever, and pass down to future generations.

Google is one of the companies that likely would have blown the minds of America's founding fathers. As a leader in internet search, video, cloud computing and now self-driving cars, Google appears to have future-proofed its business.

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For those reasons, Cowen & Company's David Seaburg recommended holding on to Google forever. Seaburg added that Google's investment in fiber-optics makes it "an interesting play here for the long term."

Weapons, U.S. stocks and the dragon

Weapons have certainly been around since the nation's founding, but the machinery made by Lockheed Martin would have left George Washington speechless.

Guy Adami of Private Advisor Group said the company will likely be around for decades more to come, and recommended buying and holding. "This is a great technology company," he said. "The upgrade cycle on all of their products is ridiculous."

While Seaburg and Adami picked individual stocks, two other traders made the case to own broad indices for the long haul.

Despite the recent volatility in Chinese markets, Brian Kelly of Brian Kelly Capital said "this is China's century," and recommended buying China A-shares despite the current slowdown fears enveloping the dragon economy.

"They're going to have depressions, they're going to have crashes, and they're going to have bubbles," he said, "but 239 years from now, the A-shares are going to be much higher."

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Finally, Triogem's Tim Seymour gave a patriotic pick by recommending the U.S. stock market via the S&P 500 Index as something to own forever.

"You've annualized even through the worst financial crisis of all time at 7 percent over the last 10 years by owning the S&P," he said. Seymour said to use the SPY to get exposure. "You will annualize, you will compound your total return. Just buy the S&P."