Stanger Health Care Centers Encourages Weight Loss as Part of Accident Recovery

DELRAY BEACH, Fla., July 5, 2015 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- Dr. Stanger of Stanger Health Care Centers in Delray Beach, Florida, wants people recovering from accidents to know that incorporating weight loss into accident treatment plans can speed up the recovery process. "Being overweight," says Dr. Stanger, "slows down recovery from accidents and injuries, leaving people to struggle with pain much longer than necessary for the injuries they've received." While Stanger Health Care Centers have incorporated this important component into their accident treatment plans, it is one of the few facilities in the country that does.

Stanger Health Care Centers, located in Delray Beach, Florida, is now incorporating weight loss treatment into its traditional treatment for accident recovery and back pain. The inspiration for making the move came from watching patients who were overweight take longer to recover from injuries in his practice.

"In many cases," confirms Dr. Stanger, "people who were overweight were slower to recover and often suffered from long-term back pain as a result of the extra weight they carried around. When injuries do occur, the extra weight only exacerbates the injury."

The facility integrates the latest technology as well in its weight loss therapy, including a treatment called Lazer lypolosis. This treatment shrinks fat cells and helps to provide the initial momentum that spurs patients on to even greater success in the future. The rest is the result of offering the smart for life diet that follows a high protein, low carb model that is proven to help patients keep the weight off.

With nearly 75 percent of overweight people also suffering from musculoskeletal pain, Dr. Stanger insists that his plan makes sense. "Older people often take longer to recovery from injuries," says Dr. Stanger. "However, in my experience working with patients, those who are overweight find it even more difficult to do so."

Dr. Stanger brings 30 years of experience treating injuries from accidents and chronic back pain. It is over this 30 years span of time that he has noticed the correlation between being overweight and requiring longer recovery processes.

He feels that his treatment philosophy offers an edge for people who are overweight that not only empowers them to recover faster from their existing injuries by losing weight, but also helps them to prevent future injuries and live better, fuller lives without all those extra pounds and ounces weighing them down.

People in Delray Beach and surrounding areas interested in receiving treatment are encouraged to call 866-426-3876 to schedule an appointment.

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