Cramer: Big $$ craving this earnings season group

Cramer: Market fed up with Europe

Jim Cramer knew it would only be a matter of time before investors got so fed up with Europe and craved some good old-fashioned American stocks. And that was exactly what happened Tuesday, as the averages managed to bounce back from a total free fall in the morning.

The CNBC "Mad Money" host is watching Europe, not just Greece, because the issue has held all of Europe hostage. In Cramer's perspective, the Greeks borrowed too much and the Europeans, mainly Germany, lent too much.

The Germans could end this drama right now if they just booted Greece from the euro, but they insist on dragging things out. Cramer wonders if it is a deliberate procrastination at this point, which keeps dragging down the euro and helps German exporters.

"Look, I am adamant that until this Greek issue is resolved we're going to be in the soup, and every rally will be suspect," Cramer said. (Tweet This)