China market rout: heard in the chatroom

Compiled by April Na

Chinese investors have been in full voice in the nation's online chatrooms amid the slide in the stock markets. Here is a selection of their comments:


'Old Xu': "Stock and commodity futures are diving. It looks like a financial crisis. But I still believe in the market . . . We must not lose our faith!"

'Su Shu': "It has fallen enough. I will buy for long-term investment. This is a crazy, once-in-a-lifetime opportunity."

'Sun Liping': "There's no need for panic . . . Risks have been released and many stocks have been undervalued in the process."

'Jiang Jianjun': "I'm a newly minted investor. I'm just trying to learn some investment skills and don't expect to make a lot of money . . . China has put in all its chips and can't afford to lose. I'm standing by China and won't sell out. In many ways, this is a political struggle!"


'Miggy Du': "I dread looking at how my stocks and funds are doing. But now that I've already lost money, I don't think I will sell. I won't make anything if I put it in the bank anyway . . . My husband lost faith and sold out yesterday because the government stimulus was quite a let-down."

'Tom Chen': "I sold when the market was at 3,900 because I felt something was very wrong. From a solely technical standpoint, the signs were not good . . . But everyone says that the country needs a bull market, so I may re-enter next month."

'V': "Nine out of 10 people are now numb. Twenty-five per cent of stocks have suspended trading, 60 per cent have reached their down limit and 15 per cent are entertaining foolish hopes . . . Sigh, China is so complicated."