National HealthCare Corporation to Deploy LG CNS Solutions Across the Continuum

GEORGETOWN, Texas and MURFREESBORO, Tenn., July 7, 2015 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- Collain Healthcare, an LG CNS Company; and National HealthCare Corporation (NYSE MKT:NHC) (NHC.PRA), announced the deployment of LG CNS' Electronic Health Record (EHR) solution for the company's skilled nursing operations. LG CNS is also collaborating with National HealthCare (NHC) for the deployment of an integrated, state-of-the-art EHR for its homecare operations. With modern, efficient workflows, goals include creating high-quality outcomes for customers and satisfaction for employees. LG CNS Population Health Cloud will also be implemented to improve coordination of care, streamline care transitions with referring partners, as well as contribute to goals for population health management across regional markets.

"NHC is recognized nationwide as an innovator in the delivery of quality care. We see our employees as partners, and working together, all 13,000+ of us, our goal is to make the lives of those we serve the best they can possibly be. When it came time for choosing a new EHR platform, scores of partners, across all professional disciplines and service lines, contributed their expertise," said Dr. Steve Flatt, President. "When we saw LG CNS in action, we were impressed with how comprehensive and functional it was."

Telemedicine, Electronic Health Records, and the Point of Care Solution (POCS) smart mobile platform from LG CNS will be deployed across service lines. The LG CNS Population Health Cloud will unify the following in a single system: a true longitudinal patient record repository, Health Information Exchange (HIE), call center integration, case management, alerts/notifications, nurse triage, telemedicine, claims integration, analytics, and more.

"As our nation's healthcare system evolves, we recognized three major business needs: to create efficiencies to optimize resources for focusing on quality; to coordinate care up and down the continuum; and make care more predictive and proactive," offered Flatt. "Working closely with LG CNS, we look forward to achieving these goals in addition to a great customer experience supported by quality outcomes."

"As momentum for care coordination accelerates nationwide to drive goals for population health, NHC will be well positioned to improve transitions of care, enhance the patient and care team experience; and impact outcomes—within the company's own network and across the healthcare continuum," said Robert Choi, Chief Strategy Officer for Collain Healthcare. "We look forward to empowering teams at NHC to achieve goals for quality care delivery, backed by the data-driven performance that regional partners will increasingly demand."

Forward-Looking Statements

Statements in this press release that are not historical facts are forward- looking statements. NHC cautions investors that any forward-looking statements made involve risks and uncertainties and are not guarantees of future performance. The risks and uncertainties are detailed from time to time in reports filed by NHC with the S.E.C., including Forms 8-K, 10-Q and 10-K, and include, among others, the following: liabilities and other claims asserted against us and patient care liabilities, as well as the resolution of current litigation; availability of insurance and assets for indemnification; national and local economic conditions; including their effect on the availability and cost of labor, utilities and materials; the effect of government regulations and changes in regulations governing the healthcare industry, including our compliance with such regulations; changes in Medicare and Medicaid payment levels and methodologies and the application of such methodologies by the government and its fiscal intermediaries; and other factors referenced or incorporated by reference in the S.E.C. filings. The risks included here are not exhaustive. All forward-looking statements represent NHC's best judgment as of the date of this release.

About NHC

NHC affiliates operate for themselves and third parties 75 long-term health care centers with 9,554 beds. NHC affiliates also operate 36 homecare programs, five independent living centers and 19 assisted living communities. NHC's other services include Alzheimer's units, long-term care pharmacies, a rehabilitation services company, and providing management and accounting services to third parties. Other information about the company can be found on our web site at

About Collain Healthcare

Collain Healthcare, an LG CNS company, is headquartered in Georgetown, TX, and is the exclusive US commercialization entity of LG CNS Healthcare Solutions. LG CNS, a global leader in healthcare technology, is pioneering solutions for population health with the most modern EHR suite for the long-term and post-acute care continuum as well as an integrated telehealth and population health platform that empowers the patient and team care. Led by a physician, the leadership team is comprised of experts with deep knowledge across the continuum of care. Collain Healthcare delivers state-of-the-art, smart technology with patient-centered digital health solutions for the global healthcare industry and in alignment with the Triple Aim. Clients benefit from the most advanced health information technology platform created from the ground up with customers, following the passage of ACA and focusing on the future of healthcare. For more information, visit

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