Photo Release -- House Call Company, Along With Local Builders, Educate Homebuyers on Energy Efficient Upgrades

PORTSMOUTH, Va., July 8, 2015 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- House Call Company, Hampton Roads' premiere HVAC, plumbing, electrical and insulation company, teams up with local builders to provide energy efficiency education for homebuyers.

House Call Company home performance specialists are knowledgeable about the latest energy efficiency programs; give us a call today!

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Striving to help homebuyers, House Call Company provides energy resources on their website, via service calls and in-person training; however, their primary method is through strategic partnerships with builders, such as HHHunt Homes, Stephen Alexander Homes, Eagle Construction and Frye Properties.

"Our home performance specialists are knowledgeable about the latest energy efficiency programs," said Raymond Walsh, general manager of House Call Company. "It's our goal to provide Hampton Roads homebuyers and owners alike with the necessary information to make educated decisions regarding their investment."

House Call Company works with builders to improve the energy efficiency of their products, inspect and test the homes for compliance and educate the sales teams on these above code improvements. This allows the builders' teams to accurately discuss the energy efficient upgrades to potential homebuyers.

"Our buyers demand we build efficient homes," said Alex Quick of Stephen Alexander Homes. "House Call Company is a valued source of expertise for us. As we work to prevent air infiltration with tighter building envelopes, they provide the technical support and training that will lead to healthy efficient homes."

In addition to the six do-it-yourself tips to save energy this summer, House Call Company also encourages buyers and owners to have their home certified by an independent Home Energy Rating System (HERS) rater. The professional will assign a numerical value to the home highlighting its energy efficiency. The base for the HERS score is 100, which typically includes homes built to the 2006 energy code; a score of zero represents a home that uses zero energy from the utility company. If the home is higher than 100, then it uses more energy. If it is lower than 100, then the home is more energy efficient. Meaning, if a home scores a 70, that homeowner should expect to spend 70 cents in utilities compared to every dollar a homeowner who scored a 100 would pay.

Therefore, House Call Company recommends upgrades, such as those listed below, to help cut energy costs by 25%-50% in most homes:

1. Upgrade insulation from R38 to R49 in the attic and ensure it's sealed to less than 3 air changes per hour. (Standard code is 5 air changes and R38.)

2. Replace the HVAC unit with a two stage system; it has a compressor with two levels of operation, high for hot summer days and low for milder days. This allows it to run at a more economical speed.

3. Upgrade the water heater to a tankless water heater or heat pump style. Both options can save substantial energy.

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