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14 retailers shaking up the industry

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Retail brands to watch

For all the retailers whose businesses have become obsolete due to changing consumer preferences, there are other names that are capitalizing on these shifting trends, and using them to catapult their expansion.

Whether it's a fast-fashion brand that's keying into shoppers' thrifty nature, or a traditional retailer spinning off a new concept to attract a wider swath of consumers, these companies are making waves in the industry for their own distinct reasons.

They also differ greatly in size. While some of these disruptors are private companies with a few U.S. locations, others are megaretailers that already boast thousands of stores.

Just because they're on the growth track doesn't mean they're not facing challenges. Some are plotting growth even as sales at their existing stores come under pressure.

Sometimes, it can be size itself that trips retailers up—a trend that's been evidenced by the massive store closings the industry has experienced over the past few years.

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