Fired Reddit exec finally breaks her silence

A file photo of Reddit’s Victoria Taylor, far left, moderating a “Ask Me Anything” session at SXSW last March.
Erich Schlegel | AP

Victoria Taylor, the popular Reddit executive behind the "Ask Me Anything" series, is finally speaking out after her dismissal sparked an angry wave of protests across the site earlier this week.

In her first public statement since she was dismissed, Taylor took to Reddit to set the record straight.

"I'll never forget my time at reddit," Taylor wrote. "You allowed me to be a part of some of the greatest conversations of our time, and it was an honor to be your ambassador." (Tweet This)

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The widely known open sourced interviews she ran under the "Ask Me Anything," or AMA franchise, featured a wide range of guests—from normal handymen to Bill Murray and other celebrities to politicians and U.S. President Barack Obama. But after she was let go, moderators set their pages to private and shut down pages for users in a massive wave of protests that prompted an apology from Reddit interim CEO Ellen Pao.

Can a Reddit revolt lead to change?
Can a Reddit revolt lead to change?

"I just want to take a moment to say thank you to all of you who have reached out," Taylor's post continued.

As for where the former Reddit employee might be heading next, she did not say, but added "I can assure you, wherever the road leads, I will live up to the faith you've had in me."

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Rumors had swirled that a recent AMA with Jesse Jackson was behind the decision to let Taylor go. Taylor did not immediately respond to CNBC's request for comment.

A petition calling for Ellen Pao to step down as interim Reddit CEO continues to creep higher despite her apology and now sits above 200,000 online signatures.