Presley Media Announces Industry Leading Lifestyle Expert, Michelle Yarn as Their Exclusive Spokesperson

OMAHA, Neb., July 09, 2015 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- Presley Media, an agency specializing in broadcast integration, announced today that Lifestyle Expert, Michelle Yarn has joined their team in order to provide the consumer brands, public relations agencies and advertising professionals they work with exclusive access to top talent for their media.

Michelle joins Presley Media to continue upon the success of the agency’s position as the industry’s brand integration leaders. She has spent a decade working in television, both in front of the camera as a brand spokesperson and host as well as behind the scenes as a producer. Michelle has shared hundreds of products and service recommendations with television viewers across the country and in doing so, has established a loyal fan base of consumer followers. Her television experience, large fan base and passion for sharing advice make her an ideal fit as a trusted source for product recommendations. As a wife and mother, she is able to take a relatable approach to the messages she delivers to women and families alike all while producing engaging and informative integrations now exclusively through Presley Media.

“I'm so excited to announce that I've joined the team at Presley Media as their official on-air Lifestyle Expert! In my ten years in the broadcast industry, I've spent a lot of time sharing my favorite finds with viewers. Whether it's home entertaining tips, beauty products or parenting gadgets - I love being able to share the things I adore.” Michelle said in her official blog announcement posted on July 9.

In addition to adding Michelle to its team, Presley Media continues to build upon its primary focus to provide clients with the most reliable services possible. Since 2009, the agency has revolutionized the process and cost effectiveness of broadcast brand integration and in 2014, produced more than 600 successful segments. Presley Media has made the process so streamlined, they’ve made a name for it - ‘Brandigration™’. Brandigration™ is a paid media type that includes three elements: a branded sponsor(s), a media outlet(s) and content creation. All three work together to deliver an organically integrated segment. The end result is informative and engaging broadcast content for consumers.

In an effort to modernize the industry and eliminate the issues commonly associated with the popular Satellite and Ground Media Tours like high costs, technical difficulties and non-guaranteed coverage, Presley Media has moved into the world of media tours with a patented new product type. The Taped Media Tour (TMT) is unique in that it guarantees its participants controlled messaging, confirmed reliable coverage and the ability to customize and target their tours now more than ever before.

About Presley Media

Presley Media provides quality and reliable broadcast integrations, or Brandigrations™ as well as Taped Media Tours (TMTs) to brands, public relations agencies and advertising professionals all while guaranteeing creativity, messaging control and confirmed coverage. In addition to offering the most appealing Brandigrations™ in the marketplace at affordable price points, Presley Media also provides an all-encompassing, cohesive service that makes the entire process easy, organized and thorough to deliver a highly-efficient client experience from start to finish. For more information, visit

About Taped Media Tours

A Taped Media Tour (TMT) is a hybrid between a Satellite Media Tour (SMT) and a Ground Media Tour (GMT) specific to broadcast media and available exclusively through Presley Media. The concept was first developed by the agency in 2014 to reduce the costs and issues that are commonly associated with the SMT and GMT formats. This new media type utilizes a small block of production time, typically where one spokesperson or celebrity talent that is endorsing a product will speak directly into a camera as if they are engaged in a live, on-air broadcast interview. The piece technically becomes a tour when it is sent to multiple broadcast outlets and integrated within their programming. The editing is done to make the spokesperson or celebrity talent look to be live on a particular show even though the entirety of the feature is pre-recorded. TMTs are available in both cooperative and stand alone formats and have the ability to be customized to fit varying needs. For more information, visit

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Source: Presley Media