13 apps to boost your productivity

Staying organized and motivated throughout the workweek can be tough. For those days when you just can't seem to get your routine going, these 13 apps will help you identify your priorities, set goals and get your schedule in order.

Peter Macdiarmid | Getty Images

1. Track my Life

Have you ever looked at the clock, noticed it's 2 p.m., and wondered where the day had gone? Track my Life will help you figure out exactly how you're spending your time. The app runs automatically and determines how long you spend traveling, plus your most frequent locations. From that information, you can use data to find ways to maximize your time and set your daily priorities.

Platform: iOS and Android • Price: Free

2. CamCard

Networking just got a whole lot easier. This digital business card storage app allows users to exchange e-business cards, save information from paper cards and store contacts all in one place.

Platform: iOS and Android • Price: Free

3. MailTime

Emailing on a smartphone is a great convenience. But how often do you find yourself scrolling to the bottom of an email chain to catch up on all the details? MailTime converts emails into text message format to make responding a speedier and less painful process.

Platform: iOS (and coming soon to Android) • Price: Free

4. TripIt

Traveling for work can be stressful. With TripIt, users can easily compile all their travel documents and create an itinerary. By forwarding confirmation emails for flights, hotels or car rentals, the app automatically organizes your schedule and puts all your information in one place.

Platform: iOS and Android • Price: Free; TripIt's Pro Version allows for a 30-day free trial, but a $49 fee will follow for an annual subscription.

5. Expensify

After you've gotten your business trip planned out, the next issue to tackle is expenses. Expensify helps you curate all your expenses while on the go. Simply take a picture of any receipt and the app will keep those purchases in one place. Users can also forward electronic receipts to the app for easy additions to a report.

Platform: iOS and Android • Price: Free

6. Hshtags

Whether your job requires you to stay up to date on social trends or you're a news junkie, this app is crucial. For those who consistently have too many tabs open at once, the app will help streamline any hashtags or trending topics.

Platform: iOS and Android • Price: Free

7. Things

The name of this app is quite appropriate, as Things will organize all of your things. The iOS-only app combines your inbox, to-do list and appointments, making it easy to prioritize and complete projects.

Platform: iOS • Price: 9.99

8. DropBox

This may be the best-known app on the list. With 2 gigabytes of free storage, DropBox is the easiest way to keep your most important documents in one accessible place. Available on desktop and mobile, the app lets users upload a document from a PC or Mac, and reopen it on a mobile device or another desktop computer.

Platform: iOS and Android • Price: Free

9. Cold Turkey

"I'll send that report soon ... just after I check Twitter one more time." If that sounds like you, Cold Turkey is the answer. Available in various packages based on a user's individual needs, this app will block distracting websites during specific times of the day.

Platform: Windows and Mac • Price: Free for basic version, additional cost for premium services

10. IFTTT (If This Then That)

What if your phone did all the thinking for you? With IFTTT, users can set parameters to control all their apps and save time. For instance, IFTTT lets you instruct your phone to automatically save screenshots to a specific folder.

Platform: iOS and Android • Price: Free

11. Agenda Calendar 4

If the iPhone calendar just isn't cutting it, Agenda Calendar 4 can simply display all your appointments and events, without having to click an individual day for its corresponding schedule. The app provides five different calendar views to allow for optimal planning, whether it's tomorrow or six months from now.

Platform: iOS • Price: $1.99

12. Forest

Especially helpful for visual learners, this app is designed to help boost your focus. Whenever you want to concentrate on a given task, go into the app, "plant a tree" and watch the seed grow. By accomplishing your tasks while the app is on, a virtual forest will grow, thus giving users something tangible to look back at after a long day at work.

Platform: iOS and Android • Price: 99 cents

13. GPS for the Soul

After all the hustle and bustle of the workday (and downloading 12 apps to help get on track), it's only fair to take a second to slow down. GPS for the Soul provides different stress-relieving guides to help you unwind, including meditation, breathing exercises and more.

Platform: iOS and Android • Price: Free