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Cramer game plan: Next week's buying opportunity

Cramer: Next week gauntlet of Greece, China & earnings

Finally! Jim Cramer was pleased that Friday's market rally seemed to be on firmer footing. But that means the hard part must begin, as next week will be all about Greece and China.

Cramer saw that the Chinese government implemented various measures in an attempt to stabilize its markets. He also saw that Europe took one step closer to closing part of the Greek drama—but could it be one more bailout that is destined to fail?

In Cramer's opinion, it doesn't matter. A resolution is a resolution, and it will finally kill all of the uncertainty swirling in the market and allow it to rally. This was evidenced with the dollar, which finally managed to weaken against the euro.

Why is the dollar important? Because when Cramer looks at his game plan of stocks next week, it could impact earnings big time.

Monday: Greece and China domination
In Greece, Cramer thinks investors need to hear that a package has been embraced. In Germany, investors need to know that Chancellor Angela Merkel, or "Herbert Hoover in a pants suit," as Cramer called her, has accepted a package that she didn't originally favor.

"It does seem that the market knows something, which means we will get hammered if either party—or both—don't compromise," the "Mad Money" host said.

As for China, based on the trading that was done in its market on Friday, Cramer wouldn't be surprised if Monday is a downer. However, it is important to note that it is the velocity of the decline in bear market that really matters, and this one appears to have stabilized.

Tuesday: Johnson & Johnson, JPMorgan, Wells Fargo, YUM Brands
Johnson & Johnson: The stock is now down 5 percent for the year, and Cramer thinks it has gotten too cheap versus its growth rate. However, it has a huge amount of currency fluctuation that could trip it up. If that is the case, then Cramer is a buyer.

"Too many things going right for this AAA company to not put it on your radar screen," Cramer said.

JPMorgan & Wells Fargo: Cramer has good and bad news on these banks. While they are both insanely profitable and Cramer expects good numbers, the line item that investors will care about is the net interest margin. That still isn't as good as Wall Street wants it to be. A Fed rate hike could change that, though.

YUM Brands: This company will provide investors with a sneak peek on the Chinese consumer, as 48 percent of its consumer business comes from China.

Wednesday: Bank of America, Delta, Netflix
Delta: Cramer expects a huge ripple when this one reports. Airline stocks have been going lower for months, but Cramer wants investors to buy half a position of Delta before the quarter. He doesn't know if Delta will deliver a strong number, but with the stock down 14 percent for the year it might not even have to. The goal is for the stock not to go higher before the quarter.

Netflix: Holy smokes! There are currently three analysts urging investors to buy the stock ahead of the quarter. In Cramer's perspective, that is an extraordinary prediction, but judging by the amount of sign-ups expected, this cult stock just might pull it off.

Thursday: Google, Domino's Pizza, Schlumberger
Google: Cramer's charitable trust has a position in this, and he looks forward to hearing from Ruth Porat, the ex-CFO of Morgan Stanley, to see if she can bring order and discipline over spending and capital allocation for Google. Cramer said to use deep-in-the-money call options as a strategy on this one.

Domino's Pizza: In the past, it has paid to wait and then buy the stock, as Cramer has seen expectations too high going into the quarter.

Schlumberger: Cramer thinks this oil giant could be more problematic than usual given that the prices in energy have dropped so badly. He recommended staying on the sidelines and listening.

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Friday: General Electric, Honeywell
General Electric: This company has gotten rid of so many assets lately that Cramer wonders if they will announce something big. Perhaps an even bigger buyback?

"It's got an appliance deal in antitrust limbo and a French acquisition in some sort of weird purgatory, so those issues, plus its new found overexposure to oil, might make the tone of the quarter less sanguine than I would have hoped," Cramer said.

Honeywell: Cramer expects to hear a great story of organic growth and a boom in aerospace from CEO Dave Cote. Cramer has it in his charitable trust and he recommended pulling the trigger if the stock gets hit from China or Greece.

So, if the news on Monday leads the market down, Cramer wants investors to use it as an opportunity to do some good buying. And while the market might be down, he still expects to see excellent numbers delivered next week. Grab the opportunity to buy when you get the chance.

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